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Saturday long runs

4 Miles

Thursday morning hillside runs on the east end of Ventura, various routes all approximately 4 miles long.  Our group meets up at 5:30 AM sharp on the corner of High Point and El Malabar, just above the Ventura Missionary Church/School.  The group starts together but, because of different running abilities, usually gets spread out within the first mile.  People with similar paces will stick together and there are a couple of people who tend to keep an eye out on the others so no one takes a wrong turn, or the back of the pack runners don’t get left behind.  It is a training run on the hills but it is also a social run at the same time. We run hills rain or shine all year round make sure to bring a headlamp and wear reflective gear since we run in the streets and it's dark most of the year.  

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